Access to Information Requests (Completed), February 2012

Access to Information Requests (Completed), February 2012
Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of Pages Disclosed
1463-2/11-07 Request for Study 2006-06
Review of CSIS’s Collaboration
and Exchanges of Intelligence
Disclosed in part 39
1463-2/11-08 Request for Study 2004-08
Review of CSIS’s Exchanges of Information with Close Allies
Disclosed in part 38
1463-02/11-09 Request for Study 2002-04
Lawful Advocacy, Protest and
Dissent Versus Serious Violence Associated with the
Anti-Globalization Movement
Disclosed in part 88
1463-02/11-10 Request for Study 2003-05 “CSIS Liaison with Foreign
Agencies: Review of a Security
Liaison Post
Disclosed in part 64
1463-02/12-04 Request for Study 2009-05
Review of CSIS’s Use of
Disruption to Counter National Security Threats
Disclosed in part 16
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