Greening Government Operations (GGO)

Security and Intelligence Review Committee’s results for 2012-13 regarding its obligations under Section 7 of the Policy on Green Procurement.

Strategies / Comments

  1. Approach: SIRC’s approach to implementing green procurement was to target the use of PWGSC procurement instruments, the delivery of training to key personnel and the inclusion of green procurement objectives in the employee performance evaluations of key decision makers.
  2. Management Processes and Controls: SIRC used PWGSC procurement instruments as its primary procurement mechanism and leveraged the environmental considerations incorporated into these standing offers by PWGSC. Furthermore:
    • In 2012-13, SIRC’s procurement and materiel management policies were reviewed to ensure environmental considerations were integrated.
    • The Statement of Work templates used for contracting for services and the contract review checklist was reviewed in 2012-13 to identify opportunities to include environmental considerations. Given the nature of SIRC contracting, the opportunities for improvement in green procurement were limited.

      These management processes and controls were selected through an analysis of SIRC’s decision-making processes and controls. The analysis was conducted to identify those processes and controls that should include environmental considerations and referenced PWGSC’s Guideline for Integrating Environmental Considerations into Departmental Procurement Management Frameworks.
  3. Setting Targets: In addition to commitments identified in ii., iv., and v., SIRC targeted the following:
    • SIRC utilized PWGSC consolidated procurement instruments whenever available.
  4. Training: All existing SIRC procurement and materiel management staff completed the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) course C215.
  5. Performance Evaluations: Given SIRC’s limited procurement activities, the requirement to include environmental considerations as part of the performance management agreement for the single manager with this accountability was not implemented. Instead, the expectation was that the above targets would be achieved. In future, reporting in the Departmental Performance Reports will serve as the reporting measure for the organization and the manager responsible.
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